Ironman Day 7

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I took it pretty chill today after grinding out quests the past two days.  Today I focused mainly on spending a bit of time in Runespan to get my runecrafting up (and at a very quick rate at that – I swear runespan should be nerfed or something because it should take me longer than 30 mins to get to level 30).  After that I went dungeoneering a little bit more to get my crafting level up to 27 so that I could start getting bank off hardleather boots.  I went around and killed cows for awhile, got a decent amount of leather, and made a quick 35k off hardleather boots that should sustain me for a little while.  Then after that, I spent some more time leisurely fishing before calling it quits.

I think next I’m going to start training mage and range.  They’re falling abysmally behind compared to my melee levels as usual since I don’t like training either of them.



And here’s a one week gear update:



Ironman Days 5 & 6

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Wow, what a packed two days of Ironman.  In two days I managed to complete all the f2p quests, including Dragon Slayer at level 31 combat (30 attack/25 strength/21 defense), and gained a near 150 levels in various skills.  Skills as follows (day 5 on left, day 6 on right):

day5 day6

I think it’s time for a bit of a break haha.

Ironman Day 4

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Today was the day of dungeoneering.  It was super slow at first because I had to work my way down to C6.  Once I hit C6, the levels were flying.  I only did one C6 dung, but that got me from level 7 to 15, gg.  I also took a fellow clan member’s advice on selling all your gear after you beat the dungeon and training crafting by buying hides, so I got some crafting levels from there.  All in all, it was a decent hour and a half.

I was also majorly disappointed when I realized that Jagex removed the 14 day trial membership on new accounts about a year ago, so I can no longer do the Nexus or Waterfall quest.  Maybe I’ll just have to get membs, who knows.



Ironman Day 3

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Today I mostly spent my time skilling, woodcutting/firemaking and fishing/cooking specifically.  My right column of skills is looking pretty nice.  Also I joined an awesome clan called The Order of Ironmen, which you should definitely check out if you have an Ironman account.

Tomorrow I’m probably going to start quick leveling, which includes:

1. Doing the Waterfall quest to get combat levels
2. Doing The Nexus to get quick prayer exp
3. Starting dungeoneering to level everything (specifically crafting)

Stats at the end of today:


Ironman Day 2

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Things that happened today:

1. Spent way too long (about an hour) killing skeletons in the Lumbridge catacombs to get 2 iron bars for A Knight’s Sword.  I probably could have gotten 15 smithing in that time (I was already 9), but after it took me half an hour to get one, I was determined.  I also got a decent amount of combat xp from that and some misc items, so I can’t complain.
2. Finished A Knight’s Sword, got a ton of smithing levels, and made myself full iron.
3. Did some random fishing and cooking.
4. Met a new player on RS and helped them out/gave them advice! It’s fun meeting legit new players since they’re such a rare crowd nowadays

Todo the next day:

1. Work on woodcutting/firemaking.
2. More cooking/fishing! Gotta get my favorite skills up.

Skills so far:


Ironman Day 1

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Incoming blog revival! Hello to anyone who might still read this, long time no chat.

Recently, Jagex came out with the Ironman mode for Runescape.  I decided to give it a shot since I had toyed around with the idea of being completely self-sufficient on my main account for awhile but never got around to it.  Lo and behold, Ironman is a lot of fun.  The mode itself has generated a whole bunch of new players in both f2p and p2p worlds, all around low level resources that were completely barren before.  It’s great having people to talk to and seeing people running around, especially in f2p (which I plan to be until I see how much I fully enjoy Ironman).

Anyway, I got a decent amount of stats today.  I finished the entire tutorial, which was annoying but gave me a decent amount of combat levels. I went to mining/smithing next and got those up as well.  I think the next plan of attack is to get fishing/cooking up to where I can do fly fishing and then finish A Knight’s Sword so I can get a whole bunch of smithing levels.  After that, I think I should be set to work on some combat and other quests.

Skills gained today:


The Tier of Respect for 99s in Runescape

November 28, 2009 at 1:54 pm | Posted in Skills | 7 Comments

I’ve noticed that every time I see a skill cape floating around RS, I am easily more impressed by some than others.  Therefore, this is my attempt to try and rank the skills in order of how impressive their 99s are in my opinion.

Note: the categories are ranked, but the individual skills inside them are not ranked.

The Money 99s: These skills are the ones that require a crapload of money to get if, like the majority of Runescape players, people do not acquire their own resources, and if they do make their own resources, the it’s even better because they spent the time and effort to do everything by themselves.  The reason it’s the most impressive is because people would have to work pretty hard in other skills to get all the money.

The Traveling 99s: These skills require patience and a lot of running around.  They’re the next most impressive because in order to get a 99 in these skills, it usually takes a lot more time than other skills.

The Continuous Click 99s: These skills are the ones where you have to keep clicking something in order to level, whether it be a rock, monsters, bones, logs, etc.  These skills are next in the line of respect because you need to pay attention to the game in order to achieve a 99 in them.

The Click and Wait 99s: These skills are the ones where you click something and sit around waiting for your character’s pixels to do all the work for you.  They’re last in the respectable 99s because you still have to pay attention to the game, though not as much as the Continuous Click 99s, in case, say, your fishing spot moves, or your tree gets cut.  Plus, the resources you get from these skills do not come instantaneously, so patience is still a virtue with them.

The Unrespectable 99s: While getting 99s in these skills is still a nice feat, the reason I don’t really respect these skills as much is because you can “click x” your way to 99.  They are the fastest, easiest, and most common 99s to get.

Summoning??: I’m not categorizing summoning because I haven’t started the skill (yea I’m a noob, bite me), so I don’t really know what it’s like.  However, from what I hear, summoning could probably be a category of its own.

End note: I’m not saying that I don’t really respect anyone who has the patience and time to get a skill to 99, I’m just saying that some I respect more than others.

The Community Event

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When I saw the update for a Community Event today on Runescape, I’ll admit I was a little hyped.  When I saw that it was a series of clues, I got slightly more hyped.  When I solved the clue after I read it through a second time, my hype died a little, but I’ll wait until I’ve finished all the clues to form a base opinion about the event.  Hopefully they do get harder though (Jagex said they would, but their definitions of hard are never really brain-wracking challenging).  However, I do like this update because it’s something different.  Besides holiday events, Jagex has never really had any sort of “community event.”  I know in many other MMORPGs there are lots community events (more exp/special items on certain days, tournaments, etc), but I’ve noticed that there really aren’t that many with Runescape; most updates on RS are permanent updates to the game.  I’d really like to see Jagex expand more with community events in the future, but for now I’ll be content with this one.

On another note, I finally got 91 fishing!

I got half of this level through sharks, which made it ridiculously slow.  However, I did get about a 5m profit off it, so I’m content with that.  I’m back to fishing lobsters now, and the speed difference is extremely evident.  I’ll give up profit for speed for now until I get to 92.  Also, is it just me or do cage/harpoon spots seem to move around a lot faster than net/harpoon spots?

I apologize again for the lack of updates; I needed to stop procrastinating on college applications.

Edit: HOLY CRAP! Since when did masks become 25-40+ mil?! The last time I checked they were only 10-20mil, although granted that was ages ago, but still ….I guess my mask dream is still eons away.

Weekend Log: 10/16-09-10/18/09

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I think the highlight of this weekend was completing the Fremennik Trials quest, which I did solo because Rune Beast0 had already done it.  It was fairly easy until I got to Koschei the Deathless.

See, when I looked at a guide and saw that I only had to defeat his third form and not his fourth, I decided it would be a pretty easy fight.  That it definitely was until the fourth form.  I decided to be a little bold and attempt to kill the fourth form, so I recharged my prayer, ate some food to regain health, and went off into battle.  About three minutes in, my prayer ran out, so I decided to let Koschei kill me.

And he did.  Literally.  I ended up in Lumbridge, extremely confused as to why I was actually dead.

I went back to Rellekka, got my items from my grave, and, seeing as I still had a good amount of food left, decided to try again.  Back I went into the battle, and when I hit his fourth form, I again attempted to kill him, and again I decided to give up after I saw I most likely wouldn’t be able to accomplish that.  So as Koschei was chipping down my health…

…my ring of life tele-d me to Lumbridge when I was at 7 hp.

At this point, I was pretty darn annoyed, so I spent 100k or so on supplies.  I went back to Rellekka armed with super attack and super strength pots, prayer pots, and sharks.  After a very long, very slow, very tedious battle, I had him down to about half health when my prayer pots ran out.  I still had a good number of sharks though, so I kept going at it.

Then Koschei left as I was eating my third to last shark.

After this failure, I was ready to stab something.  Thoroughly annoyed, I decided I wouldn’t even attempt the fourth form anymore (which I have no idea why I didn’t from the beginning; I think the fact that I actually died the first time put me in the mindset that I had to kill his fourth form) and would just let myself die after the third form without eating or drinking pots or anything.

It finally worked.  I used no prayer, no food, no anything during his fourth form, and FINALLY I finished him off the way I was supposed to, got Thorvald’s vote, and finished off Fremennik Trials.

You know what I think about you Koschei?:


Yea.  That’s what I think.  That’s what I wish I could do in RS and make you die in agony.

I also raised my agility up a bit to 42 and my firemaking up to 60 (after I saw I had 1k willows sitting in the bank doing nothing).  I’m probably going to do a little bit of crafting soon so that I can get 46 crafting, finish off Fremennik Isles, and get the Helm of Neitiznot finally. Yes, I know my skills kind of suck, but that’s what I get for being busy all the time with real life and doing nothing but fishing for the past year and a half.

The Rude and the Nice

October 13, 2009 at 8:06 pm | Posted in RS General | 1 Comment

I’ve long gotten over the fact that not everyone on Runescape is all rainbows and flowers.  However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still irk me when people are rude to others.  For example, yesterday I was standing in the west Varrock bank waiting for Rune Beast0 when someone decided to tell me that I’m a noob, that I don’t deserve to live, that I should die for the better of the world, and that they despise me.  Keep in mind I had never seen this person in Runescape before.  Normally I would have kept quiet, but I got rather annoyed at this unexpected occurence and said some small things back, such as “the feeling’s mutual then” when he/she told me that they despised me, as well as “well clearly you don’t hate me that much if you’re still talking to me,” or something along the lines of that.  This was probably one of the rarer occasions of rudeness, but it still annoyed me a lot that someone would go out of their way that much to insult someone.

On the flip side, while this was occuring, a kind soul said “that’s not nice” when the aforementioned person told me to go die.  As I walked to the Grand Exchange, he/she followed me out and asked me if I was alright.  This level of kindness surprised me a little, and I told him/her that yes, I was fine, and that I was used to rudeness online.  I thanked him/her for caring, and then we both went on our ways.  This made my annoyance abate quite a bit just knowing that there was a nice person out there for every rude one.

It just goes to show that you can find people on totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

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